I did three interviews to test the expressiveness of the rough auras: one in person and two over the phone. I asked my participants to watch the 12 animated auras (above) and tell me how they interpreted them. Afterwards I explained my intended emotion and asked how I could change or improve them. In a nutshell, here is what I learned:

Things that work:

  1. Participants can sense the difference between negative and positive auras.
  2. The design is inviting and easily understood.
  3. Nonchalant was picked up on by all participants.
  4. Angry was understood by all.
  5. Sad was also understood by all.

Things that need improving:

  1. No one understood sarcastic and all thought it was not needed since it's the same as joking.
  2. No one understood awkward.
  3. Confused is not needed since people would likely express that with words.
  4. Tired looks too playful.
  5. Scared reads more as tired.

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AuthorDavid Spears